Online creator. Two questions


First, is there any way to adjust the properties of an element only within a single mood? Say, the reverb or positioning? I’d like to create a variation of one of my moods to be heard inside (IE - the same set of sounds, but muffled due to walls.) I duplicated the mood and tried changing the reverb and direction, which achieves the affect, but it seems to change the elements for all moods, not just the one I’m working on.

Second, I’ve got a mood that kicks off with an element with three sounds played in quick succession (boom, Boom, KABOOM!) The three sounds are their own element, Sound effect, start with mood, sequential playlist with no repeat, 2 second delay before start, 1 second delay between sounds, count delay from sample start. It creates a really great sequence that layers on a wave of explosions getting closer.

The problem is, if I start the mood that includes it, it plays fine. I then stop the mood or play another mood. If I then start the mood in question again, the sequence does not play. The timer circles once, then does nothing. How do I solve this?


Are you testing while creating?
I have had a few issues crop up while I’m creating, only to find that if I close the browser, and open everything up again, it fixes the weird issues. Let me know if that helps you at all?


I will check that method. I did find that saving it and importing it into the player allowed it to work fine, though. Thanks.


Best thing to do is to duplicate the element and make different versions for use in different moods. Elements are CHEAP, they can share the same samples and don’t make the app download any bigger.

So I often make:
Element: “Thunder”
Element: “Thunder (less)”
Element: “Thunder (omg)”

All with different element parameter settings.

Makes sense?


This sounds cooool… Yes, it is almost ALWAYS good to start of a big battle with something fairly obvious and dramatic… I don’t like battle sequences that sort of drift in.



Yes, there is an intermitant bug that has proven difficult to track down that sometimes stops elements that are “do not repeat playlist” getting into their stopped state correctly… so what you are describing will happen reliably and correctly ALWAYS the first time… but sometimes not after that.

Another option is to use OneShots to create this sequence (as they do NOT exhibit this bug).

Note: you can trigger a OneShot from a mood via the “Mood/element” inspector Check the checkbox their when the right Element AND Mood have focus.

Makes sense?