Online Beta Player Issues - Resolved


Everytime I try to load the online player, it says:

“Audio playback is unavailable. You have no active Syrinscape Online (beta) Player connected. Download for Windows, macOS, iOS, or Android.”

Also, my campaigns don’t show up anymore. I’ve tried restarting my computer. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled. Nothing makes it work. It worked for literally one session, and is completely useless now. HELP!!!



Are you running an Online player (actual Unity App you install on your computer and run) (not just the Master UI you view in a browser) that has been LINKED to your account? The message is saying it can’t find one. If you ARE running the Online Player then consider hitting the break LINK button at the top right (little chain link broken) and then delinking.



@charles.ulveling did you get my email response I sent you? It looks like you have registered for a couple of accounts and have possibly logged into the one without a sub attached. Make sure you are logged into the account with a active subscription and everything should work properly for you.

Also if those other accounts are yours let us know and then we can delete them so you only have the one active account :grin: