Online All Stop NOW!

I would like an All Stop NOW! button on the Online site. The main stop button at the top does a slow fade-out but I often want everything to stop immediately instead of a slow fade-out.

Syrinscape is designed to fade the sounds out, if everything immediately stopped then it would sound quite jarring and very unnatural.

If you needed to stop everything immediately you could adjust the volume right down zero, which would have a similar effect. For myself, the occasions where I would want everything to immediately stop, without any kind of fade would be quite rare

In what kind of circumstance would you find this feature useful? Would others like to see this added?

I agree that in-game you would want the audio to fade out. I would want the All Stop Now for when I’m editing in Online. There have been times where a sound is louder than expected and I’m clawing at my headphones while clicking stop. Or it’s not what I’m looking for so I want to move on to the next file. These are the moments I want the audio to stop immediately instead of waiting for it to fade out.

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I had just assumed that I wasn’t aware of how to do this - I would also like an all-stop immediate button.

For most uses, the fading is indeed preferable. Certainly it should be the default.

But as well as non-campaign use, as mentioned above, there are cases where “Jarring” is either ideal, or at least preferable to a slow fade-out (or needing to juggle the volume slider down and up)

Something like a ctrl+stop triggering an instant stop would be great.