"One-Shots" too loud. Any way to separately adjust? - HELP TESTING

Hey, sorry for bringing this up again but the separate slider would be great so I just have to. Is this still in the works?

That’s a NO I guess?

No, not a no… just one the list and ready to go when we get down to it. :smile:

Everything’s in an order, and gets done as time and money become available, at the moment we have been working on iOS release = keyword searching etc (completed yesterday),

AND a couple more VERY cool features we are about to launch (including the ability to be able to make Sci-Fi SoundSets appearing in campaign listings in the Fantasy Player - and vice versa). How cool is that?!?!

Then we’ll move onto our next stable release of the Creator.

And then on the next cycle of Player releases, this feature should pop back into the mix.


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Nice! Looking forward to it! :smile:

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I would just like to add in that the one shots being to loud issue is one i have as well. Three people in our group use the program and between us we use an Ipad, android phone, and laptop(sometimes with bluetooth speaker and sometimes without) and we have all encountered this issue. This added to the inability to stop long rambling one shots has greatly diminished how useful the one shots are. I would also love to see a single separate slider for the one shot sounds.

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Here’s something to try for you above having weird results with speakers making OneShots WAY to loud.

  1. There are speaker settings under the little cog. Try selecting mono.
  2. Try a direct (physical) cable to the speaker (rather than BlueTooth) and see if you are still getting the same result.

Here is some additional information that might help. I’ve found that whether the one-shots are too loud actually depends on the speaker setup. For example, if I play sounds through my laptop’s speakers, the one-shots volume is appropriate compared to other sounds coming from Syrinscape. On my PC’s powered speakers, it also sounds fine. However, when I use Bluetooth speakers (I use two UE Megabooms in stereo at the table - great surround sound!) the one-shots are much, much louder than other sounds. Even turning mood elements to 100% and turning down the global volume slider still results in one-shots that are dramatically louder (I’d say 5-10x, subjectively) than everything else. As a result, I’ve had to resort to turning my laptop’s volume way down temporarily before playing any one-shot. Note that it isn’t just one or two - everything from dragon roars to huzzahs are affected.


You can stop a OneShot by selecting any MOOD, or by hitting PAUSE and then quickly hitting the MOOD you want… again.

The long awaited OneShot volume slider coming soon to a Syrinscape near you. What do you think of the placement & look etc? There’s still time to tweak it for you?!


Awesome! Sooooo many people have asked for this, it’s great to see it happen.

Don’t forget folks if there’s something that you would like to see added, changed or improved then let us know and leave us a suggestion Here.

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This looks great! Will it scroll down, i.e. disappear when scrolling up, or will it stay fixed at the bottom of the window? (I’d personally prefer the latter. :wink: ) And will it affect all OneShots or just the general ones?

It’ll stay fixed, so you won’t have to scroll :smile:

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Awesome! Can’t wait for this to get implemented. Thanks so much everyone for adding features like this to an already great application.


See here for a pic of what it will look like.

Users like you have contributed to many many of the really good features in Syrinscape, so keep the feedbak/questions/ideas coming as they occur to you. :slight_smile:

Great to see the one shot volume control, do we have a release date?

Excited about the volume slider. Update coming soon?

Yep. This will come with our next update.

Also, this has already been implemented in the Master/Minion Player.

Want in on the beta?

Yes please for the beta!

Good day Ben and team.

Wow, so please ignore my comment left on a youtube video about this (I will see if I can edit it out)… This is exactly what I was referring to as well. My players and I have found the same issue. I use the sounds as a background thing, so we keep the sounds overall down, but when I use the one offs it totally blasts the players… Its extremely jarring, so the fact that you are doing this is making me jump for joy!!! We use an iPad with a single speaker set on mono setting.

So I cant wait for this to come down…


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The Master/Minion interface ALSO will let you adjust the volumes of the OneShots… so that might help to. :slight_smile: