One Shots in Custome Moods


Hi! In the 1920s hotel package I am wanting to use the ‘Elevator to Basement’ Mood as a stage in Custom Moods but because the Elevator sound is a One Shot I only get the attendant Elements (like Steam Hisses etc)? Is there a way around this? I want the Elevator in my Custom Mood without the hassle of swapping between Soundsets.


Hi @MrAgdesh,

There are to options for you.

One (if you are on PC) is to use a 3rd party integration link and trigger the OneShot you need from a Windows link.

Two is to use the Online Player Creator functions to actually customise your content to make the stuff you want available available where you want it.

Here are tutorials about the Online Player Creator features in general:

And here is a video about using them to customise your OneShots in particular: