One-Shot Too Loud

I have a one-shot that I created. It’s supposed to be a ghost child humming and I want it at 25%. I have tried adjusting the volume with the slider by the button and the Sync Initial Volume. The Sync Initial Volume doesn’t change but as soon as I click the button to play the one-shot the slider by the button jumps to 100%. I have tried setting it in Element and in Mood Element and it still jumps to 100%. I see that there is supposed to be a volume control for one-shots, but that was a while ago. Is it related to the one-shot volume control or am I doing something wrong? I don’t want to blast the players with a one-shot that is supposed to be faint and ghostly.

Heya again,

There is a Master Volume for the OneShots (to the right or under the Master Master Volume). Also, you shoooould be able to grab the slider to the right of the OneShot (presuming we are talking about the Online Player here).

Another vid (in fact a whole Playlist): :smiley:

Lots and lots and lots of useful info here.

But KEEP asking questions, that’s good too! :slight_smile:

I did try and adjust the OneShot with the slider on the right but as soon as a click to play the OneShot it jumps up to 100% so it plays at the original level of the file instead of the level I set the OneShot at.