One Shot for a Dread Pan Flute

Hello folks,

Can anyone help, I have access to EVERYTHING but I am trying to find a sound to play when a Spiritual Weapon hits. The Weapon is in the form of a Pan Flute and the player wants a horrible, dread sound that will make the target feel sick to the stomach.

I have searched pan flute and flute but can’t find anything, can any one suggest a one shot along these lines.

I am using it through the amazing Syrincontrol in Foundry, so I can set up a macro trigger to set off the sound when the weapon hits.

EDIT: I found Xorta’s Flute but not very dreadful but could work. Please send suggestions though.
Thank you for any help. :slight_smile:


What about Flute of Tsathogga from The two-headed Serpent: Snake Island?

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Spoilt for flippin choice now! :joy:

Syrinscape, making weird noises for every occasion :grin: