One-shot element volume

It seem that when ever i “save current state of mood” my oneshot elements reset the volume setting i put them in. The workaround would be to finish and adjust all moods, “save current state of mood” and then adjust one-shot elements. But it so happens that i constantly get new ideas for more or other sounds for my moods - and if i should then “save current state of mood” then i would have to readjust all my one-shots again for the reset they do when i “save current state of mood”. Is there anything i have missed in order to save and keep one-shot volume adjustments af a “save current state of mood”?

Thank you so much for Syrinscape, i have so much fun with it in and outside of my games.

How annoying! I was able to confirm this, and gives us something to look at.

Although it is not clear to me what is causing this yet, I did notice that Elements have an “Initial Volume” in the Property Inspector, as seen here:


and this seems to be what the OneShots are reverting to, so if you wanted to keep your previously selected volumes, you could Sync Initial Volume when you have found the Volume you like.

Glad you are having fun, and hope this helps! :slight_smile:

And I have since been told (and have confirmed myself) that Initial Volume does not persist across page reloads of the Master Interface, so that is something else for us to look at! :man_facepalming:

Thanks for the report :smiley:

Note: you should be able to set the volume you want the OneShot to play at in the MOOD ELEMENT properties menu.

Does that work for you?

Hi Ben and Ryan.
First of all thank you for the fast reply.
Second - my problem is not adjusting the volume on elements and oneshots. It is adjusting their volume and keep them after page refresh, “save currents state” or visiting the Master Interface/Soundset Creator again after pc shutdown. Elements and oneshots all have sync initial volume (have no idea what that does) but that does not work either. The only save option that works is “save current state of mood” which does NOT save oneshots or individual elements volume. And that particular way of saving moods resets the oneshots.
I must have overlooked something because it cannot be true that this amazing tool needs me to adjust, listening in and set “3d” on every single element and oneshot every time i want to use this for sessions. I am so afraid i am going to blast my online players ears off.

“Note: you should be able to set the volume you want the OneShot to play at in the MOOD ELEMENT properties menu.
Does that work for you?” : It sets the volume but i does not save the current volume for later use after refresh, rebooting the page or anything

Seems there is no way to save oneshot volume. That is problematic,… this means I’ll have to adjust each oneshot volume everytime i boot up Syrinscape before a online session - because nearly all onshots initial volume is 100% and be a nervewrecking bomb in player ears… if i do not go through the lenght of adjusting all oneshots before play.

Tried somethings - but it still does not work for me.
Tried to turn One-shot to Sound Fx in the element properties menu in order for it to maybe be save-able but no. Furthermore that option resets the icon/buttons position making it even harder to distinguish One-shots-turned-to-Sound-Fx-icons/buttons from all the other elements set for Moods in the Soundset.
Then tried to “Sync Target Volume” as Ben suggested but that does not work either. Sometimes this option lets the “Sync Target Volume” dictate the volume while NOT adjusting the volume slider on the icon - blasting my ears in 50% of the time after every refresh meaning: No save here either.
I do really like Syrinscape and is the platform I want to follow, support and get better to utilize,… but must admit it is weird, that no solid save option exists at this time in the Sound-set creator. I really hope this will be worked on - otherwise it is simply too much prep for each session. A platform like this should make things easier and not invent new ways of making prep. a undesirable process.
Your fan and Syrinner,… Rune

I don’t know if this helps you at all, but we did just release a fix that I hope resolves the Initial Volume persistence issues for Elements (including OneShots). Please let me know if that particular problem still exists for you, but the aim there was that you can at least use the workaround to set everything to a reasonable Initial Volume while we look at why they are all being reset to that value during a Save Current State.