On macbook air it wont send pin on app to hear sounds on laptop that has master page

so its the same laptop i use as master mix but can use phone it doesnt give pin option on app. the link page shows the message "you tried linking to your own :wink: " something like that.
the tutorial video made it seem like you could link to your own so you can hear the sounds you play

Sounds like you might be talking about joining your own game. That’s where we have a validation message similar to what you described.

The process for linking should be:

  • Launch the online player. If it is already linked, click the unlink button (top right). It should then show a PIN and a button to link.
  • Click the link and it should open our site in a browser. If you are already logged in, just click to confirm the link. Otherwise, you will be asked to login first.
  • If your player app is running on a different device than the Master Interface, you can go to the online control panel on our site and navigate to the device list and click to link a new device. Manually type in the PIN and click to link.

If the online player is not showing a PIN and link button, or an “active this device” button (if already linked but not active), or the already linked and active screen (with volume slider and activity log), then it is probably stuck on the splash screen which means it is unable to connect to our server for some reason. It will keep retrying.