Offline use and how to remove global elements


Hello all. I have two questions related to the Online version of Syrinscape Creator.

  1. I often run games in person where there is no internet access. Can I still use this online creator offline? I do not need to sync with other devices, I just need to play music cues I’ve build (I run 100% custom soundsets)

  2. When looking at the online creator half the screen is taken up by global elements that I never use. I can’t seem to find anyway to remove them from view. How do you do this?

Thank you.


What you do, is build the content up as you like in the Online Player and then that content will be available for instalation in the Fantasy or Sci-fi Player as designated by you when you built it. Let us know if you are having any probs finding your stuff.


This is on our list of things to fix… basically a way of hiding the Global OneShots you do NOT want to be showing. (you can do this on the Offline Players by just uninstalling the SoundSet to which they are attached).