Official Soundsets


What official soundsets are you currently working on?

Just interested :smiley: and is there a particular post you put this in?


Easy. We have a release calender on the website.

And we try to stick to it. So far it looks promising, but it is always possible that surprise soundsets are released that weren’t planned or that something gets postponed that was planned. But more or less - this is it.




I notice that a lot of those are actually already available. Is that because as supersyrin we have access to them early?


As a super Syrinscape you will often get a sneak peak of soundsets before their official launch. One of the many perks of being a SuperSyrin :grin:


Are there sci-fi sets being worked on? I know this product largely services D&D. I’m trying to spread the joy to others who run sci-fi games, but the release calendar for owners of the sci-fi player is a little slim and isn’t a good way for me to entice others into a monthly subscription.


Hey @arsglacialis

Yes. There are a couple of big releases coming very soon.

The next Chapter of Starfinder’s Dead Suns is in for checking with me, and @Steve is finishing of Cthulhu’s Masks Kenya this month.

We should also do some more breakout sets… people liked Docks. :slight_smile:


Docks is amazing! If by breakout sets you mean specific environments, those are my favorite. Happy to ask a couple RPG communities what science fiction soundsets they’d like to see, if that’s something that would be useful?


Requests are always useful. :slight_smile: