Official Beyond the Dragon of Icespire Peak Sound Set (Storm Lord's Wrath, Sleeping Dragon's Wake, Divine Contention)


I’ve been planning on running a campaign with the three adventures, Storm Lord’s Wrath, Sleeping Dragon’s Wake, and Divine Contention, and I was wondering if there are any plans to make official SoundSets for these.

I am aware that there are community made custom campaigns for these, but I was just interested to see if there were any plans to release an official version that can be purchased seperately.

Thank You

No, we don’t currently have any plans on releasing these as official content. The Community Content ones are fantastic and should provide all of the sounds that you need :grin: :

I’ve read about Community Content, where do I find that?


Hi @carsondave,

Community content is visible in the Syrinscape Fantasy Player and Web Player (and the older Online Player) to SuperSyrin subscribers = which is you… so you SHOULD be able to see it. :smiley:

A search for slw should bring it up nice and quick.