Occupational soundsets

I’m loving using my soundsets for RP in call of Cthulhu but I have had a couple downtime sessions where I’ve struggled to find some good music and fxs.

I was thinking occupational soundsets for Cthulhu occupations might be cool.

Using the “mob muscles a boxer into throwing a match” trope recently and all I could find was the tavern brawl which boiled down works for punches but
the music felt too fantasy oriented… this is just one example of where an additional set might be useful.

Another might be an aviator/mechanic working in her/his/their shop or on a airfield. Or a lawyer might be in court, etc.

Apologies if some of these exist and I missed them. If so maybe the suggestion then just becomes having them organized that way so they can be found and related to downtime role play a bit easier.

I’ll get back to this later tonight, but I can definitely dig up some sounds for you. Off the top of my head for the mechanic, there is a sound called “tools of the trade” that is in Alien Laboratory, as well as some sparking/grinding/drilling sounds in Spacedock. I’ll hunt up more once I get more time! Let me know if there’s any other professions you need!


Okay, airplane aviator: use the elements “tools of the trade” and “more tools” from Alien Laboratory for the sounds of tools/parts being picked through a used. In Spacedock there are the elements “work tools” (which has a drilling sound and some heavy machinery sounds) and “welding sparks”. The Two-Headed Serpent (The Temple of the Dreamer) has a propeller starting one-shot for when testing the propeller. The Two-Headed Serpent (North Borneo) has a “propeller plane in flight”, which, when turned down, could be useful for testing or just outside on the airfield. It also has a “creaking plane” element.
Mask of Nyarlathotep (Red Line to Australia) has a “plane engine” noise for testing or general background. Add in a little wind, and perhaps a little chatter (the North Borneo set has both) and you’d be set! For music, the Red Line to Australia has a “vintage jazz” music element that sounds like someone has a radio on in the corner, or is playing a record.

For the boxing match, I’d use the Tavern Brawl, but use the “boxing night” element for a start, but then add in the “angry crowd” element from Aria Park protest for the sound of a proper match in a large room or arena. For music, try the “destruction drums” from North Borneo, or if that is not quite right, perhaps some of the Mask of Nyarlathotep music might be better. Peruvian Highlands has a darker, scarier “combat music” while Meeting Erica Carlyle has a “running music” that may suit.

For the lawyer, there’s a couple of possibilities. If they are in a busy law office, using the Mask of Nyarlathotep - Death of a Friend, the mood “Precinct 7a” has a lot of good office sounds (typing, phones ringing, fans running, people talking). For the courtroom, you want one of the sets from the Hell’s Rebels adventure path, the chapter Dance of the Damned, specifically the Silver Council set. There are two moods, “waiting for the council to start” (people chatting), then “council in progress”, which starts with a gavel strike (and there’s also a gavel one-shot) and then has the background music of very soft conversation, coughs, chairs shifting, basically all the noises of a crowd that’s trying to be quiet. If you need “arguments”, I’d use the set “Theater” from the Dragon Heist set, as it has an element called “halfling play” which is word-like sounds that can be played in the background without having to have specific dialogue.

I hope that helps!


this is great! thank you!!


Once again @HECook proving what an awesome person she is! :grin: