Not using creator and just like the Lovecraft - calender 2018?


Just nice to see what is coming out and if i need to be a supersyrin.
Not using creator and just like the Lovecraft ,- see my point :slight_smile:


:slight_smile: Very point

The plan for Sci-fi content for 2018 is:

  1. Half Starfinder
  2. Half Lovecraft

We had a drop off on our Cthulhu stuff at the end of last year because the guy who was building these SoundSets had to tap out… and although he was going to give me a whole lot of his partially done work, he hasn’t been able to do this yet.

We are working on a replacement Sounds builder, and once they are in place, we will be hammering our the Cthulhu stuff again.

ALSO: we fell in love with Starfinder and released HEAPS of that stuff at the end of 2017 instead.

ALl makes sense?


I’m currently working on a game set in the 1930s, some non-horror sounds, particularly music, like what is in the 1920s car chase would be great as long as you are in the general time frame.


If your stuff is released as Community Content, thornbound could access it, if she/he decides to be a Supersyrin. Otherwise there will be no access.

Sounds like an interesting project, though.


Looking forward to some more Cthulhu sound sets in the future.


I am a Supersyrin and just wonder if I get the unreleased Lovecraft material,
If I go go back to normal subscriber.
The material from Starfinder I have no use for and I never used soundset creator.
Just having Supersyrin for the Lovecraft material :slight_smile:


That depends on what your regular subscription is. If you are a SciFi subscriber you will of course receive the new Cthulhu stuff once it is released, if you are a Fantasy subscriber, then probably not.

The Cthulhu stuff is delayed and currently worked on from what I know, so you either stick to your sub and wait it out or you downgrade it until it is released. :wink:


what i mean is did not get the content i paid for:) Just feel that would be reasonable, but no big deal.


Ii am a super, but don’t need anything from other stuff then the Lovecraft:) keep up the great work Syrinscape ,-just would like to know. Just like to know if paying for things I have no use of. keep ut the great work :+1:


@thornbound we can certainly fix these sorts of things up on a one to one basis.

Just e-mail us on support and we’ll make sure you get access to the promised Cthulhu stuff (no matter what sort of sub you are when it gets here).

Basically we love our subs and are DEF focused on making sure you guys are happy! :slight_smile: