Not sure how to do what I want to do

I am trying to create a sound that will play at the start of combat within Maptool. I know how to integrate it but I can not seem to be able to create it and I am wondering if I am hitting a licensing wall. I would like to create preferably a one shot with Giant War Horn immediately followed by glass Cannon Sound Drop Roll for Initiative. I have tried to create a mood but no matter what I do there is about a 10 second delay between the two. Is there a way to sample the two one shots and place them into a SFX with them played sequential and repeat turned off? I am trying to do this with the online Beta version.

You should definitely be able to do this.

Just do literally what you said.

OR set TWO separate sfx elements with different timings for wait before first playback = make them both play with your MOOD.

Does that make sense?

I still can not seem to do this. If I try to sample the Glass cannon sound drop or Giant war horn I get a message. The selected sample is used in official or community content soundsets, and cannot be edited.

Let’s try this:

  1. Make a new soundset.
  2. Go to the library and search for the “Giant War Horns” element.
  3. In the library, after finding the “Giant War Horns (fo Stones over Sandpoint)” element, hit the plus button next to it. It should get copied into your new soundset.
  4. Search for the “Roll initiative” element.
  5. Copy the “Roll Initiative (Glass Cannon sound drops)” oneshot with the plus button into your soundset.
  6. Go to your soundset and create an element named eg. combat start.
  7. Check out the element playlist for the Giant War Horn element in the property inspector. Copy the name of the sample you want to use.
  8. Paste the name into the search field of the sample property inspector.
  9. Click on the element (in this case: combat start) you want to have that sample in. Then go to the seach results and hit the plus button next to the sample.
  10. Repeat step 7-9 for the GCP sound.
  11. Set the play order to sequential and sort the samples in the element playlist accordingly.
  12. Check the crossfade box to ensure that you have a smooth transition for the two samples.
  13. Don’t forget to untick the repeat box.
  14. When you start your combat start element you should hear the result you want.

If this does not work, please post a picture of the property inspector with your settings being visible. We should get this working!!! :wink:


Weird. I thought I replied already, but I no longer see it. So I will post what I thought I did again? :slight_smile:

That worked Beautifully. I really thing that New_vision’s 14 point checklist should be made a sticky and placed in the FAQ. I did multiple searches in the forum and did not find anything that was that concise. I misunderstood what the software was telling me to do. I thought it was saying that if I duplicated the “thing” that I could them modify it. It makes sense now but it was not intuitively obvious to begin with. Thank you again for your help. And I can not wait to share the new start of combat sound set!!!


Glad that it worked! Enjoy building stuff and we are looking forward to what you create! :grinning:

This even thought its two year old, is still an amazing piece of advice

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@new_vision is a bit of a genius with this stuff! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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