Not able to create new moods in online master


Just got the subscription this last weekend and I have not been able to create any new moods in the Online Master. I go to custom moods and start the Enigmatic Silence and go to another set (Witchwood) and build a custom mood there and go back to custom Moods 1 and there is nothing that I see that lets me save it. Does it work differently from the PC package? I have no issues with that but would like to use the Online Master as we are looking into doing remote sessions wiht our gaming group.

Is there an instruction video or manual/wiki that would explain this?

I realize this is beta (i’m in Info Systems myself) but I’m going on the idea that I’m doing something wrong. (I do support also, I get what you’re going through).

Hope to hear from you soon and keep up the good work

Edit: Forgot to add this is on Windows 10 on Chrome


Heya @jeffhcook

Soooo… I reckon you need to have a look here:

This will get you started on how to use the Creator Functionalies in the Online Player.

All the info you need should be in those.

Have a good watch through those and then ask some more questions. :smiley:


When all else fails read (watch) the instructions. If that doesn’t work do what they say.
I was expecting the online to be similar to the local player but it isn’t and does have a lot more functionality. Great product!

I would have replied earlier but I didn’t get a chance to watch the videos until today.

Thank you