Not able to connect to Master. Seeing random people - FIXED


I’m attempting to test the Syrinscape Online Player and running into a few problems.

I don’t see a way to connect it. I don’t see any way to add a PIN when I open the program. What I do see is a random persons name and computer details. When I click the broken link icon at the top right, I see a new random person’s details. I’m unable to upload a screenshot of this since I’m a new user (for the forum I guess) so here’s a Google Drive link of it.


Yeah. i get this to sometimes.

But I’ve always been able to fix it immediately by just breaking the connection and re connecting with the PIN.

So you never managed to break the connection, but cycle through to a new person?


Hi Benjamin,

I do, sometimes it’s a lot but I can eventually get there. I just didn’t know if I was randomly disconnecting other users from whoever they were connected to (and I didn’t know if this was some unforeseen thing because I run this in Wine)


I think the wrong name thing is just a display thing.

I thiiiiiiiiiiiink… not 100% sure.

We are working on it.

As long as you can get it to connect.

NOTE: if you move the IP that a Player is connected via, you need to connect again.