Not able to add samples in Syrinscape online - RESOLVED


So I can add elements but I am not able to make an element and populate it with samples. The loading bar goes across the top of the screen but nothing shows up under sample playlist where I dragged it. This is with custom elements and pre-made elements, I can’t add any new sounds to the element playlist with either.


I think I’m having the same issue. I’m trying to add the sample “Magic Forest” to an element playlist both by the add button and drag and drop but it never sticks.


I’m not sure, I’m a complete noob… but I think I got the same problem… it looks like all the samples that I find in the library cannot be modified therefor not added to the Element playlist. I tried to upload a custom sample and that for me it worked.


@davinci522 @jesse.a.heilman @janusz79 This should be fixed now! Thanks for the report.


Great! Glad to help!