No way to import custom sounds


I’ve watched the newest set of tutorials, which don’t seem to correspond to the latest version of Syrinscape Online Creator. Beyond that, I don’t have any way to import anything. See below.


I’ve uploaded to the Samples Library, tried dragging into the Element Playlist, but the sounds don’t stay in the playlist.


I think I figured it out. Can’t figure out how to delete this post, though. :\


Don’t really think you can delete posts here. Best you can do is edit them at this time.

Though, don’t worry, as maybe this will inspire someone behind the scenes to look at the tutorial and maybe make an updated and better version of it? You never know. But, what I’ve experienced so far here is that user feedback is always taken into consideration.


If you click the three little dots (Show more) next to “reply” in your post then the trash can symbol should appear for you to delete the post :slight_smile:

As for tutorials, don’t forget that Syrinscape Online and the Creator are still in beta. Ben’s put together a series of really helpful videos to walk you through using them, but once the Online Player is officially released we will be able to put together more comprehensive guides. You can find the most up to date tutorial video HERE


Sooo… that screensnip of your creator doesn’t look like the Online Creator… are you perhaps running the older offline version!!! That would certainly explain the mismatch between what you are running and the tutorials?!?

Are you starting from this page?

This is what mine looks like: :smiley:Online%20creator