No update neither new soudsets

Today I am receiving this message. Doesn’t matter if it is an update or a new sound set.
Screenshot 2021-11-04 191800

I ma not able to get anything and there is no problem to the internet for sure.
Fantasy player version 1.4.1-p9

Having the same exact issue, cannot get anything to download.

I’m having the exact same issue- both iPad and iPhone; both #blessed

Hey all,

Yes, we definitely have some issues on our end at the moment which are preventing installation of new content in the Fantasy Player (and obviously updates too).

We have humans with hammers, spanners and daggers working on this right now. :japanese_goblin: :hammer: :wrench: :dagger:

We’ll keep people up to date as to when you can try again!

THANK YOU for your patience!


Is there an ETA on this?

So a week? If my math is correct?

To get through the entire backlog of private soundsets, yes.

However, every time you make a change to your own private soundsets they are added to another queue and should be processed within ~15 minutes.

So if you are actively working on a soundset, you should not need to wait for this backlog to finish.

You can also use the online player, which should not be affected and has immediate access to all your content without having to install each soundset.

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I think all of the soundsets I was trying to load were Official ones. I was hoping on switching over tonight for my weekly game - but looks like that will have to wait till next week?

If there’s still any official soundsets that are still not working, please name them so I can investigate.

I believe there were only about 20 official soundsets affected and they should be fixed.

If there are more, I may have made a mistake in my calculations about the window of opportunity when the problem occured.

I have found more official soundsets outside that window that were affected. Please follow this official thread for updates:

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