No sound with Syrinscape Online Player - RESOLVED



I tried the Syrinscape Online Player for my next sessions but i didn’t manage to have any sounds. I linked the Syrinscape Online Player with my account and go to Master Interface and i hear nothing. I tried with Google Chrome and Edge.
I need help, what do i do wrong ?

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Can you check who is stated as the GM in the Onlineplayer window? It SHOULD state “Me” if everything is logged in and ready to go.


On the Syrinscape Online Player Window i have Game Master : Me


Excellent! When you are on the master interface, did you choose a specific Soundsets or does the no sound thing happen with every sound set you choose?

Also - did you install the last version (1.4.7-p5) of the Onlineplayer app? Edit: ah, you have. :grinning:

And lastly - which platform are you using? Edit: Also clarified by screenshot!


I tried several soundsets, for now i’m with the Free soundsets only and found something weird. I have no sounds from all the soundsets except the Storm => Gathering storm where i hear for 1 sec the sound and then nothing like others.


Ok, yes i tried several sounds independently and some are working like Raven or Thunder claps.

Edit1 : Most of the sounds even independently doesn’t work. I only manage to have the Ravens and Thunder claps sounds for now.

Edit2 : Ok Every sounds works but only if i put the volume on 100% in the Master Interface. Is it normal ?

Edit3 : No in fact it’s more complicated xD. I have a lot of sounds that didn’t work even at 100% volume. But most of the sounds in Storm session works at 100% but not less. Sorry i make a lot of Edit…


The volume of certain sounds depends on its purpose in the sound design. In some moods you gave eg. pretty dominant, whereas in others they are pretty soft. There is a lot happening “under the hood” that isn’t obvious but can have an impact on the volume of the sounds.

Out of curiosity - why aren’t you using the desktop app?


I don’t know ^^. Can i send the sounds i chose by a link for my players online with the desktop app ? If yes, then i can use it for sure. I thought only the Syrinscape Online Player could do this.


You might also note, that some sound effect are really subtle and you need more than laptop speakers to get the full glory of the sounds, as laptop speakers are a little weak in some frequency ranges. Have you tried connecting to a good speaker system?


Do you have a Supersyrin subscription?


I have HyperX headset and i tried with my Speakers on my Desktop computer but the fact is that i can’t hear anything except the Storm sounds, all other categories are not working for me and in the storm section, If i put the sound on 99% i hear nothing and then at 100% i have a a really loud sound ^^.


Oh and no i don’t have a Supersyrin Subscription for now, i wanted to test it before :slight_smile:
For example with this configuration i hear nothing


Can you do me a favor and use the Bugbear battle soundset and see, if that one exhibits the same behavior of being quite?


No sounds for this too.


Also - in the lower left corner is your ping and the server (s9) with the circle icon. Can you press that and do change the server you are connecting to?

Because, from what it seems like, your connection to the server is really slow.

The problem is, and your screenshot was VERY helpful here, that the element’s are activated but nor playing. It looks like your computer is still receiving data (blue buttons) but isn’t playing them (there should be a circle around the blue buttons), which is usually an indicator for not connecting properly.


Can you do a speed test of your internet connection to a US west coast server, please?


Ok, When i try to refresh the server, it switches between s9 and s4 but i have a big ping on both (I am in France, i don’t know if the app didn’t work for now in my country).



Ah, well - one of our content creators is from France as well, so I can guarantee you - it is working. :slight_smile: But every now and then he has severe slowdowns as well, and we suspect, that his Internet provider has a low transatlantic bandwidth capacity. If you happen to have the same ISP, this could be one reason for the problem. :frowning:


Well, this does look good! :thinking: Maybe send an email to our support team, so we can take an in-depth look. support (at) Syrinscape dot com