No sound or play indication on Ios


In order to limit the number of devices I need to use while DM:ing I decided to start using the online player on my ipad pro. Downloaded and linked the player, started the online player. Everything seems to load up alright - but pressing play I don’t hear anything. And looking at the graphics I see no indication that it’s even playing (no moving bars e t c).

What could I be doing wrong?

Also / while at it - could you have the Online Player for Ios support landscape view. I’m thinking most users have the ipad in landscape orientation while using it with syrinscape or other apps/text editors e t c.


Omg I’m having exactly the same problem!


Same problem on Widows online player at the moment. Wont play any thing.
Got a game in 3 hours - hope this gets fixed :frowning:

Edit: clicking the reconnect to another server fixed it for me. Perhaps one server is down?


Where do I click to reconnect to another server? I am having the same problem.


There’s a little circle ring thing next to a s1 or s2 at the bottom left to get a new server.

Try that, let me know whether that works.

Also, consider a restart of the Online Player?

Try that and report back? :slight_smile:


@sedilis Yay! Note: If more than 3 people click reconnect on a server it is automatically killed and restarted… (theoretically) we’ll be able to check on Monday. :slight_smile:

Let us know how you go @silverfategame


Yeah clicking the reconnect button did work, I had to click it several times though.Thanks for the help!

EDIT: Before doing that, I did reinstall the player a few times and restarted my machine.