No Sound Online Player No Pin

Hi there I been using the offline app player this whole time, then I found out the browser player is better. So I tried that and no sound came out. I have both players open and they were linked, and nothing worked.
I said were linked, cause I unlinked my computer, to try and relink and see if that would help. Only thing is now it does not give me a pin to link. I am afraid if I reinstall I will lose my custom sounds I put in there.

Hi @dmanella2, welcome to the forum.

I’m glad you’re trying out the Online method.

So just to confirm, you have the Master Interface open in your browser and you have the Online Player App open on your desktop as well and you’ve followed all the instructions on the website for initial setup? I’m sure that you have, I just want to make sure.

If you look at your Syrinscape Online Player App there’s a little link button in the top right corner, that should be the easiest way to link your player to the Master Interface. That’s also where you’ll see your PIN. You can also see your linked devices in your Control Panel.

If that still doesn’t work for some reason, please continue to reach out to us on and we’ll try to figure out what could be going wrong. A reinstall shouldn’t be needed.

Thanks Vicki for the reply. There is no link button in the top right corner of app. Just min and mx, and below that nothing. In the control panel I unlinked the app cause I was going to relink it to experiment.
Are the custom sounds I made in the offline app, saved. caused I do not want to lose them if I

do a reinstall.

Your screen pic is of the Sci-fi Player, which was designed as an offline app for gaming around the table. To host games online you will be wanting Syrinscape Online, which was built for online gaming. You can download it HERE, along with instructions on how to get it all set it up and running :grin:

Custom moods built in the Sci-fi Player are stored locally on your device and are stored in your cache. They are temporary files designed as a way for you to save the state between sessions or as part of your game prep. Custom Soundsets built using the Creator tools in Syrinscape Online however are saved to the server and will sync across to any of your devices

Great thank you. I do use this for online by sharing my screen on Discord.
How do I get this offline app connected again to my account, since I accidently disconnected it. I need a key and there is no way to get a key. i am unable to download anymore sounds to my offline app.


In the offline players you need to log in with your user name and password. No PINs or anything required.

Let us know if you have any trouble… in fact… maybe share some screenshots of what you are actually specifically asking… i thiiiiiiink you may be just confusing something about how the app works?

Thanks everybody. Sorry for late reply. I ended up fixing the problem. I started by downloading the online player, and made some custom sets. I did find the sound disconnected sometimes, and I had to relaunch the online player to get sound again. Cant have that on a stream, so I messed with the offline player again and I found the log out button. I did this then logged back in, and that fixed my offline player problem. When I logged back in I was able to play the sound sets I made with the online player. This is gold thank you, very very handy.

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