No Sound on Online player - RESOLVED

Hi, I am getting no sound whatsoever on the web player.

I know it’s not a settings issue on my local computer as everything else works I have no idea why it’s not working but it’s very frustrating.

I read some similar problems but not found any solution, only solved with support.

Please connect with me to solve this asap :|)

Just putting here the reply/solution I’ve received for future people to see what i have done wrong and do not need to stress about it :slightly_smiling_face:
Thank you support team!!!

Syrinscape Online is not a web player. Are you running both the Online Player App and the Master Interface Web page? The Master interface is designed to allow you to trigger the sounds, but the browser will not actually play them. For sound you need to be running the Online Player, which needs to be linked to your account. Sounds triggered in the Master Interface will then play through the connected Online Player.

We have put together a tutorial video that talks you through setting up Syrinscape online, which you can watch here;

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I am also having issues in my online player. Everything was working fine, and now it is just not playing at all, we are mid game in a con game I am running for a charity event. Somebody help!

Hey @44meditatingmunky44 Sorry we missed you here. For a quick response always grab us on support at syrinscape dot com. We always have someone watching that address… but drop in on the forums a little less frequently.

Either way, did you get it working. We don’t seem to have had any server glitches. Did you have connection issues? Did a restart fix.

Also… charity event… cool! :smiley: