No single purchase option?

I mainly use my own sounds, but I’ve also purchased a bunch of sound packs of which I use the ambient effects, but many of the hoot, crackling fire (in eleven night) + others are a bit too loud or unsuitable and I end up muting it to use my personal mixer (MIXXX) to broadcast alongside syrinscape.

I’d gladly shell out 80-120 or some odd just to access the creator with sound packs I own + those I create myself. If I subscribed into the SaaS model, I’d likely not even use 1/10 of the sounds available and I’d essentially be renting the ability to use/organize my own sounds and content.

Is it just “tough luck” and subscribe to rent the tools?

The Syrinscape Soundset Creator isn’t designed to be a stand alone piece of software, for it to fully function it requires full access to our servers as well as access to our sound catalog.

The way to think about it is that the Supersyrin subscription grants you access to both the Syrinscape Soundset Creator and Syrinscape Online as well as full server access for storing and syncing your content, in addition you get full access to our back catalog of over 300 Soundsets (100,000+ samples) and the catalog of community created content. You also get to own any new Soundsets released whilst you are subscribing

With the Creator if your speaker set up makes certain elements louder than you want then you can easily tweak that within the Creator and sync it to your device so it plays at your preferred levels, but to do that it needs full access to the original content and the ability to upload the new content.

So basically rent the tools. I have no need to sync devices, as a software dev, I’ll look into creating my own soundscape creator.

Yeah, sorry @ken89l

The SoundSet Creator is a complex and powerful tool set – the same one we at Syrinscape use to create our massive libraries of sounds. It required extensive resources to develop, and requires ongoing resources to maintain and improve. As such, we can only offer it as a premium to our SuperSyrin Subscribers at this time.

If you dooooo decide to support us in our efforts, for $10 a month you’ll get the most powerful, lovingly created, community refinded soundthing around!



Is there a way to purchase the samples for use in our own system?

Like, I really want to use syrinscape’s samples from the Curse of Strahd soundsets, but I want to use them directly in Foundry VTT. Now I understand that I won’t get the random repetition or the powerful options that syrinscape’s software offers, but the samples (specifically the BGM tracks) are amazing and I want to continue to use them in my campaign.