New with Syrinscape - Volume issues


So I just subscribed to the D&D uhm sub :slight_smile: And while I’m intrigued, I do struggle with volume levels and wonder if I’m doing something wrong.

For testing I chose Bugbear Battle, Spooky and Witchwood Forest. My first experience, with everything on default, is that I have the choice of
a) having the overall volume so very high that the moment something special kicks off (say wolf howl or similar) the neighbours will knock on the door or
b) having my ear touching the bluethooth speaker to see if anything is happening at all
What I’m saying is, is it normal that there is such an extreme volume difference between the “normal”/majority type of background sound and the special ones? Of course I can manually edit every single one to bring them closer together but it seems odd.

While the above can be fixed with some manual effort, another issue I have I don’t seem being able to fix…

So there are two volume sliders down below, left for overall (I think), right for the special, click once type of things on the right hand side of the window. The problem here is, it seems that in order to hear the upper right ones (the custom click ones that come with a given soundset) are super low in comparison to the default ones down under. Essentially here again, I have the choice of not hearing anything (just about) by clicking on the upper ones (say, evil laugh) or I turn it so high that I better never click on the default ones below (like arrow hitting wood or such).
This one I dont think I can fix…ideally I would want a 3rd volume slider…

Am I doing something wrong or is this normal?

Thank you :slight_smile:


Soooo… there must be something seriously wrong with your speaker setup… this is NOT normal behaviour… tell us about what you are running the sound through? :smiley:

eg something about sounds that are centered playing at a different volume to sounds that are just in one speaker?


I am hoping its “me” and not Syrinscape :wink: Well, its a rather simple setup…a laptop and a single bluetooth speaker - not anything super fancy.


If you’re listen on headphones, (not via the bluetooth) do you get the same effect?

And yes, Bluetooth speakers are VERY prone to this sort of thing: “eg something about sounds that are centered playing at a different volume to sounds that are just in one speaker?” They try and do fancy things converting Stereo to Mono.

Hence… try setting Syrinscape’s output to Mono? (under the little cog at the bottom left)