New user's question before jumping in - RESOLVED


Hello everybody,
I just got back in RPGs since the old days (this time as DM for my young children) and found about Syrinscape while browsing the net for mobile sound apps. I just finished reading some threads, looking at many videos, training in google-fu and I still have a few doubts before jumping straight in:

  1. first, cost :grin: . As it seems, I could be a completely happy camper just subscribing to the fantasy sets. I think I’ve got a grasp on the campaign manager and customizing moods, but the sheer possibility of customizing oneshots via the Creator would be great. In an old post, Benjamin suggested one could jump between subscriptions plan, for instance from fantasy to supersyrin, uploading personal sets, then getting back to fantasy. I presume one couldn’t do it before at least a full billing period; so would that be two months of supersyrin before getting back to fantasy? Is that still possible to access personal content created while on the $10/mo period while staying on the $6.5/mo one? Anyone caring to explain/confirm?

1b) another old post suggested that oneshots customization|sorting could come to the fantasy/scifi subscriptions, thus not requiring the Creator. Is it still on the roadmap?

  1. Moving from the Supersyrin subscription to the server one I’d still retain the sets/mods I uploaded, but I wouldn’t be able to download any further set, right?

2b) When the subscription plan is suspended I loose all content, right?

  1. If I didn’t subscribe I’d have access to the 2 example sets, the 3 custom moods and I should buy sets that in this case would be permanently mine to use?

3b) The subscriptions web pages say that any set produced while on the plan, would be permanently available even after cancelling the subscription, right?

Sorry to be verbose, this is just getting in my week TODO.txt and I prefer to receive official confirmations rather than going on too much with the google-fu :relaxed: and risk understanding not.

Anyway, thank you for your answers and for a really interesting ecosystem I’m sure will make my kids go whoa :sunglasses:


P.S. another one, unrelated: is it possible to specify different output devices, e.g. one for moods and another for oneshots? If curious about why, I’d stream the moods to the home speakers, and the oneshots to a portable direct or bt one on the table to avoid network delays…


Not a Syrinscape staffer, just a user, but here’s my understanding.

  1. I believe any custom soundsets you produce with the Creator, you get to keep access to after your SuperSyrin subscription lapses.

1b) It’s already here, in a limited fashion. What you have are a number of “Custom moods” soundsets that you can install. Each of these only has a single existing sound in them “Enigmatic Silence”. What you do is go into the other soundsets you have access to, and set a combination of individual sound elements playing, then go back to the “Custom Moods” set, add the Enigmatic Silence and then hit the plus button to add a custom mood with all the sounds that are currently playing. That mix of sound elements is then saved (on that device) as that custom mood. It’s not as flexible or powerful as the full Creator, and you can’t transfer custom moods between devices, but it’s still pretty useful.

  1. Not entirely sure what you mean by this. I think you can re-download the soundsets that you created and any you still have access to.

2b) No I don’t think so. My understanding is that you keep any original soundsets you created, plus any new soundsets that were created during the time you were subscribed, plus of course any that you buy permanently. So while on SuperSyrin any content created for the Fantasy, SciFi or the oft-forgotten Boardgame player during that time would be added to your “keepsies” library

  1. Yep I guess so. It might be that this is a more economical option for you, if you have a limited subset of existing content that you’d want.

3b) That’s what I understand the case to be.

PS. not easily. Syrinscape is locked to using the default sound output device, no way to split the output. If I wanted to get the effect you’re describing, I’d probably do it with a second instance of the player running on a phone with a BT speaker, to trigger the one-shots.


DrVesuvius, thank you for taking the time to provide answers, I appreciate that.


Hi @doc

Welcome to Syrinscape! :smile:

Right so to answer your questions, much of this is actually on our FAQ so I’d definitely recommend you take a look their and in the ProTips section as they both give lots of really useful info for getting the most out of the app but;

  1. Yes when you subscribe it is for a two month period, at the end of that Syrinscape will automatically renew at the same sub level. So if you knew that you wanted to change levels at the next billing cycle you would just need to cancel the automatic payment in PayPal and then when the sub expired re-sub at the new level. All of your content is registered to your email account so stopping and starting like that will NOT affect your owned content.

1b) It is still on our list of things to look at but at the moment it’s still in very early stages so I can’t really say what shape that might take. Keep an eye on the forums for future updates on that.

  1. On the $5 subscription you would have access to any sets that you have ownership of and any content that you created using the Syrinscape Soundset Creator but you would no longer have access to the back catalog or Community Content.

2b) Yes. The content remains on the server but you would lose access until the sub was renewed.

  1. Yes, spot on :slight_smile:

3b) Yes you gain ownership of any new content released whilst you have an active sub at a level that would normally give you access. So SuperSyrin you would get all new content Adventure Path you would get either all new Fantasy or Sci-fi, depending on your Adventure Path.

  1. Sadly not no, Syrinscape uses the output device you currently have set as default when you open the program.

I hope that all makes sense and if you think of anything else let us know! :slight_smile: