New user: Syrinscape Online or Fantasy Player?

I just downloaded both Syrinscape Online and the Fantasy Player. I’m keen on creating my own soundsets and using my own sounds in them. I play (mostly) in-person around a TV, though it is conceivable I could someday want to play with remote players, or in a hybrid environment of both in-person and remote players.

My question: Is there any compelling reason at all for me to learn/use the Fantasy Player other than I can play sounds offline? This means the sounds are downloaded to my hard drive, which of course eats up additional disc space. Does the online player download them too, or are the sounds actually stored in the cloud and streamed on-demand?

Just basically wondering if I should just forego the Fantasy Player and go straight to the Online Player, so I don’t have to learn two interfaces and ways of working, and maybe save some disc space.

Hi and welcome :slight_smile: Great question!

Personally, I’d say if you’re creating your own SoundSets, definitely use the Online version. The Online Player doesn’t take up as much space on your devices and you wont have to wait for anything to be downloaded (one of the many benefits), but anything you make will then become available to download in the Fantasy Player (or any offline player) if you wish.

You don’t have to use the Fantasy Player at all if you don’t want to. You can still play the sounds to your players with the Online Player even if you’re playing offline at the table as long as you have an internet connection.

Hope that all makes sense.

There are also some really good features in the Online Player that you won’t getting in the offline ones at the moment:

  1. beta search (opt in on your log in profile page on the website)
  2. all genres of content in the one player
  3. quickly and easily mix and match content

Here’s a useful video about how i think about running a game with the Online Player:
(though it’s actually even easier now with the better (beta) search.

Either way, enjoy all the noise!

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