New user and struggling to get any sounds playing

I have the app installed on my Iphone. I am then using the Master Interface on Windows 10 (Edge Browser) to play sounds.

Except they very rarely play. I have tried multiple sound sets, and tried Moods. I get a sound about 1 time in 10.

Trying to click on the individual SFX or others does nothing. Sometimes the icon turns from grey to blue. Sometimes the name underneath turns from grey to blue. Sometimes a progress bar appears around it and moves fast or slow. No sounds play, however. Except when they do. There does not appear to be any pattern.

The volume in the MI is set to 100%. The app is running on my phone and connected, and my headset is connected to my phone.

I know it does work as I have heard some sounds, but with so much lag and so infrequently it is maddening.

Please help as this is rather frustrating.

I have a 100mb broadband connection.


Syrinscape is a powerful multimixer often playing 20+ samples at once so it does take a bit of processing power to work really well.

Is it a newer model iphone or an older one? A few things that will definately help are making sure that the app is fully loaded and connected before you start triggering sounds and closing down any other apps that might be running in the phones background (The swipe up and hold a second thing, the thing I always forget to do!)

Another option that might work well for you depending on your set up is to switch around. Run the browser on the phone so you can trigger the sounds at the table and then have the app running on the Laptop connected to the speakers. That way the laptop is doing the processing

Thanks for replying. My phone is an iPhone 8 and should be capable of processing the audio. It also struggles with a single sound, as opposed to a Mood. Clicking on a single “Gun Shot” SFX can lead to a sound 10 secs later, or nothing. In some cases the lag can be a second or so, but that is rare.

I will shut down and restart both PC and phone. I cannot run the app on my PC as it is a work PC and I do not have admin access to install new .exe sadly

Yep iPhone 8 should be absolutely fine.

So when you first trigger a button the connected content is then installed to your cache memory, so on the first trigger it will be a little slower, but normally only by a second or two. Once stored that same button should play much faster (as it is already in the cache)

With moods they fade in so sometimes it looks like its play straight away, but with a one shot you expect that sound straight away so if there is a slight pause it’s more noticable. there are three ways to deal with this.

  1. trigger the oneshots and get them pre cached. You only need to do that the once and afterwards you should find they play much faster
  2. Check the volume of the one shot. Some are naturally louder than others so tweak them until they sound right for you. Also if it is one of your own soundsets make sure that there is no positioning or distance on the element
  3. if the Online player is running a little slow check your ping. You can see Syrinscape Onlines ping by looking in the left hand column next to the version number. If the ping is looking to high then click the refresh button and it will jump you to a different server

I tried resetting both PC and phone, and I got some Moods to play (with a delay) but now it’s back to the way it was. I went from one Mood to another, and in the middle of the second Mood a horse neighed - I had triggered that in the previous Mood about 60 secs before!

Is there a guide or set of instructions? What does the progress bar mean? What do the coloured auras mean? How do I cache a sound vs playing that sound - a click, a double click?



It automatically caches the first time you play a sound. so one tap will both cache it and play it.

Sounds are set with randomised parameters. So for example a horse may be set to neigh every 20-40 seconds, the progress shows when the next one will trigger.

As for tutorials Ben put together a small series of them to walk you through every part of the Online Player, going from first install right up to building your own content. They are all on our Youtube page and here is the link to the first one;