New User 3rd Party App question


Hello Everyone,

I run quite a few games via Play-By-Post on the Paizo forums. I have been looking at trying to integrate Syrinscape sounds into my games and have been led to the 3rd Party App section of the program.

What I am looking to accomplish is somehow using the 3rd Party App’s link to provide a clickable link within the forum’s for my players to click on to hear the soundset. Is this possible? Each time I test the link I am able to hear it through my program but noone else is able to get it to work it seems.


Hi @dereklarsen1965,

A couple of questions:

  1. Do your players each have a copy of Syrinscape AND the relevant SoundSet(s)?
  2. Are you playiong “live” or is it really a PBM set-up you’re using?

The reason I ask the 2nd question is that I play “live” with people from around the world using the Virtual Tabletop software Fantasy Grounds, and I’ve written an Extension (Plug-In) that links Syrinscape into Fantasy Grounds that does pretty much what I think you’re trying to accomplish.

Anyway, get back to us with the answers and we’ll see about getting you sorted, OK?


  1. Each will have the download of Syrinscape but more than likely won’t own the SoundSet.

  2. Right now it is just Play by forum strictly on the Paizo boards.


OK, so if the Players don’t have the relevant SoundSet, then their copy of Syrinscape won’t know which sound to play when they click on the 3PI URL you provide in the PBM entry - does that make sense?


Ah ok, that’s unfortunate. I was hoping to make the game more thematic and was hoping it was going to be as simple as just playing the soundset for a live game.


Thanks for the quick responses as well. Much appreciated. :slight_smile:


YEah, PBM is “hard” - fun, but hard.

Again, it might be worth your while to take a look at the various VTT options (obviously, I’m a Fantasy Grounds fan-boi) - it’ll be live, but my guys and girls from around the world over both long-running campaigns I run are really loving the two stories. And the sounds from Syrinscape “just work” (with the Extension I wrote).

I know VTTs aren’t everyones cup of tea, but you never know until you look into it.

Anyway, glad to be of help