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I am sure this has been asked hundred times…but here goes 101 :wink:
So i have subscribed and I downloaded almost every sound pack I could find. I see there are 3 windows and two of the windows in the app change with whatever sound pack I click on. Is there a way to pull or add sounds from certain packs to custom windows?

For example im currently running a game based on new book with the dread realms. And im popping all over finding sounds I like but in the heat of the battle its a pain to pop back and forth for certain sounds in the back ground (like im doing a zombie fight but suddenly pc’s are saved by a patrol (marching sound)) those sounds are in different sound packs so I had to click to a different one to find the ones i wanted. Can I not just load every sound into 1 window sorted alphabetically?

Hi and welcome.

I’m still fairly new here so I’m sure Steve or Ben will jump in on this to correct me or add things if I miss anything but if I’m understanding correctly, you want to pull sounds or moods from various SoundSets and have them all available in one place rather than switching between different SoundSets?

There’s 2 options that I can think of.

You can actually create a campaign from the Syrinscape website, up at the top where it says “Your campaigns”. This will allow you to create a campaign that includes any moods from any of our fantasy, sci-fi or board game players and they’ll show up all in one player.

Select whether you want it to show up in the Fantasy, Sci-Fi or Board Game player and just click “Add new Campaign” then literally just select which moods or soundsets you want to add to your campaign. Head back to the Offline Player you wanted it to show up in and it should be there.

You can also use the SoundSet Creator if you want something slightly more customised. This is my preferred method, I primarily use this to get all the exact sounds and moods I want, all in one place and easy to switch from one mood to another depending on where my adventurers go. This option will also allow you to access other sounds on the fly if your adventurers surprise you by doing something totally different to what you had planned. There’s a great video on our Youtube on Ben doing exactly that.

For example you can create a SoundSet (by clicking the + icon in the Soundset Creator) and then set up 2 Moods (or however many you want for various locations or encounters); A mood for your Zombie Fight and one for your your patrol arriving to rescue them. You could then switch between the 2 seamlessly. If you already know which Moods you want, you can search for them by name and click ‘Copy to SoundSet’ and every single sound within that Mood will copy across. They’re not necessarily alphabetical but they are usually sorted by type (Music, SFX or One shot).

Does all of that make sense?

I hope it helps. If you need any further help, don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Hi Vicki,

Doesnt make sense yet but I am sure that after I play with those tools and follow your directions I should be able to figure it out. If not…

“I’ll Be Back!”


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No worries at all. Have a play and let me know if you need anything else.


Ok so the online I made a bunch that will work (at least in test) how do i download just those ? i dont see what I named it in the player. Also where is the tool? I didnt see it.

Hmmm maybe got it…except the more advanced tool.

Well found the one i made and thats close to what im lookin for :slight_smile: