New to Syrinscape


Hello. Im a New DM for D&D and been playing for a few years. I have been considering using Syrinscape to add background to my games.

I have been looking at your pricing and subscriptions and honestly I am more inclined to purchase soundscapes you already have listed then to enter into a monthly billing for product that hasn’t been released yet.

I understand, in subscribing, I would gain and have access to every soundscape in your library of sounds (As rental, not purchased). But to know which one to use and when, can be to overwhelming from a DMing standpoint. DMing is difficult enough as it is. I just want to keep things simple. Being flooded with every soundscape in your library doesn’t necessarily make thing easer.

Im just looking for a few key soundscapes, around 10 or so, for myself and my players to start of with. Maybe latter, after using and getting use to your product, I would consider purchasing a few more.

Q: What 10 Soundscapes would you consider as a “starter pack”? And would you consider a discount on a bulk purchase of soundscapes?


Actually, Syrinscape does that. They have a Fantasy Starter Pack - Not to mention the several sets that come with the Fantasy Player for free.

There’s also a Mystic soundpack -
Environment soundpack -
Creature soundpack -

Other sets that may be of interest to you could include Tavern Brawl, Tavern Keep, and maybe a few more monsters or locations depending on your preference and game world. Tiger Battle, Flying Fiend, Swamp, maybe things like Cleric Spells, Wizard Spells, Fighter, Rogue. Maybe Grioth Battle, Goblin Battle, Spooky, High Seas, or something else more suited to your style of campaign.


Yep exactly what @HECook said. The Fantasy Starter Pack and the soundsets that come free with the Player should certinly be enough to get you started off :slight_smile:


I have been looking at your pricing and subscriptions and honestly I am more inclined to purchase soundscapes you already have listed then to enter into a monthly billing for product that hasn’t been released yet.

A subscription unlocks access to the entire back catalog, grants you ownership of any new content released whilst you are subscribing and unlocks ownership of an entire Pathfinder Adventure Path. Additionally if you are subscribing as a Supersyrin you also get access to the Syrinscape Soundset Creator, which allows you to build your own content and Syrinscape Online. As well as obviously supporting us so we can keep creating more awesome new content and apps :slight_smile:


Ok thanks for the info. I have reread your posts and I still don’t see a benefit to being a subscriber.

As I don’t do specific adventures and I write my own, I am just looking for general sounds. Not so much module like Pathfinder.


The benefit is that you would have the entire backlog of soundsets at your command as a subscriber, but only have new ones released during your subscription period to keep when you leave. That includes not just the Pathfinder, etc. modules, but also every non-Pathfinder soundset. Also, even the Pathfinder modules have sounds you can use in your own campaigns. About the only sounds in official modules that might not be suitable would be the dialogue one-shots - everything else is quite suitable for anything you might have planned.


So I just Subscribed and I am wondering whats next. How do I get access to sound files! As I log in the webpage it tells me that I am a subscriber but when I go to the Player there is nothing of the sort. I believe I now have access to sound files but I’m only given the choice of “Watch Video” or “Visit the Store”. Must take a day to register or something


If you want access to the sounds to create your own playlists you need to go to the main sight, log in, and then click the button in the top right labeled “Download Soundset Creator”. Once you do that you can open it and load the soundsets and make your own. Or upload your own songs.


I don’t want to create any sound I just want access to the one already made with my subscription. Second I only got the Fantasy Sound Set pack sub, not the full sub.


Oh sorry. Misunderstood. You want to open the syrinscape app and then click the button that says “all soundsets” on the top left. It should close down and if you click “Purchased” it should expand again and let you download the soundsets you bought.


No, no problem. Im just confused. I did what you suggested. Closed down “All sound sets” and opened “Purchased” but it only has the free sound sets in it. Also I didn’t buy any sound sets. I got a subscription so I wouldn’t think it would be in that section anyway.

Thank for helping anyway. I don’t know what’s going on.


Go to the gear wheel in the lower left corner and click on it. In the window that is popping up there should be the button “login” - just insert the same account details you used for logging into the webpage. You have to be online during this process, so the server can verify your account. Once logged in, you close the small window and you should have all the soundsets fitting your subscription available. :smiley: