New Syrinscape Player and DOE: Sound extension - RESOLVED


Hey, guys. So, I think the new version of the Fantasy Player might have broken the integration with the DOE: Sound extension in Fantasy Grounds. My links no longer work. Is there any way someone can PM me a link to download the old player so I can uninstall the current one and reinstall the old one to see if that is really the issue? That would be much appreciated as I use these two applications a ton and will be really disappointed if the new version doesn’t work with the DOE: Sound extension. Thanks, guys!


I’ve already confirmed this - Ben, it appears that the 3PI functionality in v1.3.7 is broken. This is not only in the DOE:Sound but in webpages as well (ie copying & pasting a 3PI URI into Firefox). Once I downgraded back to v1.3.3 everything worked again.


Yup, you’re right. We are fixing this week. 3rd Party Integration was another victim of our upgrade from Unity 3 to Unity 5.

@Gwydion do you need a link to v1.3.3?


Of course I’m right! Why would you even suspect otherwise? I mean, I am me, after all. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

And don’t forget, as well as being incredible all the time I’m modest too - its about my only flaw. :innocent:


I used to be modest, but now I’m completely perfect… :pie:


Thanks guys! If you are working on fixing, no need for a link to the old player. I will hang tight. Appreciate it!


Oh… and I just saw the previous version link on the download page as well so I apologize for asking for something that is already there!



Do we have an ETA yet?


Was about to post a heads up that I was having this issue too and moving to older build resolved, but looks like youre ontop of it.