New Syrinscape Online Player build required


Hey all,

If you are using Syrinscape Online, you’ll need to:

  1. drop by your page
  2. Go to the “Your Linked Devices” TAB
  3. Download and install the latest build.

Let us know if you have any probs! :slight_smile:



After the update Syrinscape no longer works for me. Never seems to fully launch.

ETA: To get it working I had to manually uninstall SO, then install the update again (and relink my current device, but that may be coincidental.) Now it’s fine.


THANKS for the info. That might help a few others.

In our testing we found that often simply restarting ironed out bumps, but then… sometimes it didn’t.

We will continue to bug-hunt from where we are now… which is actually a fairly stable place.

BUGS… we are coming for you!!! :smiley: :smiling_imp: :bug:


Note: there is an iOS build awaiting approval right now.

Here it is on Test Flight for the moment:

Here’s the Android build:


Is there anything new to test or play with? :slight_smile: (Or is this just bug fixes and what not?)


The most important thing was a fix to stop reeeeeeally BIG MOODS from crashing the Online Player. eg “Gen Con” and “Shoggoth”

PLUS Version control (the ability to tell people to upgrade).

And a few other small things I’ve forgotten about. :smiley:


I can’t use the new online player. When it starts the window can’t be resized and there is nothing apart the background. I don’t have the demand for’ pin enter’.
So I know how to fix the bug of the size .
But I can’t link the player anymore.


Mine did the same thing. Try completely uninstalling and reinstalling, that fixed it for me.


Great to see you guys improving things! When are we gonne see improvements to the sound creator?


That’s it. All is right with the uninstalling/reinstalling tip.


OoooOOOooooo yeah!!!

Just you wait! We are currently piling MOUNTAINS of cash into this at the moment! :slight_smile:


Any updates? I love me some juicy updates…


Sooo this is in internal testing for just about another 7 days THEN we release it into the wild and let you all break it. :slight_smile: :smiley: