New Syrin Online and CC

I like the update to Syrinscape online and it letting me add to/change my sets on the fly. One thing I hope can be added to it is for it to know what account is logged in and let me update community content that I submitted. I am adding songs to the Tabletop Music CC that I made for everyone to use but do I have to go through the same process of contacting you guys to get it updated on the server?

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@davinci522 The old creator had an upload button in the soundset property inspector that you needed to use to get your work on the server so you could access it in the genre players, and then manually contact us to make your soundset into community content.

The new creator has the same button in the same place, but it does something different. Because you’re already working on the server, there’s no longer any need to upload your work to use it in the genre players. Now, that button is used to request a review of your work by Syrinscape staff for possible release as community content.

After you submit your request for review, you will not be able to edit the soundset, so that it is stable for the review and so what gets approved is what goes live as community content.

You can duplicate it (like any other soundset) and make changes to your new copy of your pending soundset. Or you can cancel your request for review, make changes, and then request another review.

Staff may reject your request with a comment explaining why, e.g. not suitable or recommending some changes before release.

If your soundset is accepted as community content, you will not be able to edit it anymore, but you can always duplicate it, make changes, and request review.

We don’t currently have a way for you to include a message with your request for review, but we may add one so that you could inform the reviewer that you are making some improvements to existing community content and you want your new version to replace the old instead of being added as another new community content soundset.

We may also need to do more work to allow proper replacement of existing community content soundsets with a new version, instead of deleting the old and releasing a new one, which might impact users who have the existing soundset installed or listed in a campaign.

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