New Sound request: Horses moving


We are missing the sounds of Horses riding on Dirt/plains as well as in city/cobble.
Prob should have a walk / normal / run option.


Hmm… there are elements of that sound in various places. The “passing by” element in Brindle Town, Bustling Port Town, and a few other places has a horse and/or horse and cart on cobblestones, though that’s infrequent and random. Wagon Journey has a “wagon journey” element - horses clopping along on a road, though that is mixed with the jingle of harness and/or wagon hitchings. There is also a “pounding hooves” element in Xin-Shallast, though that may be less useful. River Journey as a Horse and Cart one-shot, though that is for a limited time. Never Ending Nightmare has elements of “unicorn galloping past” and “unicorn galloping past (more)” which is galloping on turf/dirt, which is a good one, if not completely constant.

Some of these sounds might need to be modified by those with more audio application know-how than I, but there are several pre-existing sounds to work from!


I am currently working on recording some decent horse related sounds. I don’t have an exact date for release, but it is on my to-do. :slight_smile:


picks up coconuts need help?


As a matter of fact, I have access to real horses and riders. But thanks for the coconut offer! It sure is a fallback option! :slight_smile: