New piece of Community Content - The Haunt

Just in time for Halloween, we have a fantastic new piece of Community content available to download for all of our Supersyrin’s

“The Haunt” by @davinci522 is a homage to the DM’s Guild adventure of the same name a fantastically spooky adventure, now with an awesomely horrific community built soundset to really frighten your players. Thanks Dan!


Most excellent news!

Thanks @davinci522

Perfect timing wii the haunt 2 just out now!


I didn’t realize they were making a second one when I made this. I just wanted to do a Halloween one shot for my players. I believe I will make a soundset for The Haunt 2, I just want to run this one first for feedback from my players.

If anyone runs The Haunt with this soundset I would love to hear feedback!

I’m looking forward to using it with my folk so will definitely let you know how it goes. Very much looking forward to using the sound Soundset

And yes it looks like I definitely need to read the second adventure because the first one looks very good fun! Well to a DM, slightly more scary to the players :wink:

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Wow! I was just notified about this and I am absolutely honoured! Thank you for putting your time towards this @davinci522

I will be using this when I run the Haunt for my group in a couple weeks.



P.B. Publishing


Welcome to the forum @pbpublishing and thanks for creating this great adventure. This is exactly what we designed the Syrinscape Soundset Creator for! I’m really looking forward to running my own players through this one, with @davinci522 Soundset. Should make for a great Halloween inspired one-shot :grin:

Thanks! @pbpublishing I hope this soundset does it justice. I would love to make one for The Haunt 2 after I buy the pdf or mod for FG (if its made) and get some feedback from this first one I made.
Hope everything goes well and have a Spooky Halloween!

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Well… The FG mod of the Haunt 2 was released this morning… :smile:

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How can I actually add this to my campaign? I’m pretty new to Syrinscape and cannot figure out how to find this community content and add it.


I think I was able to find it. In the SuperSyrin Master Console, I selected my campaign. I was then able to search for “The Haunt” there.

I was originally using the My Campaigns interface, selecting my campaign, and then trying to search there. Nothing was coming up.

I’m kind-of confused about the different interfaces so far. It would have been nice to have a direct link to the sound set that took me to the right place. Not sure if that’s possible (at this time).

Hi I stumbled across this thread while looking to see if there was a soundset for The Haunt 2.

My wife ran The Haunt using your soundset and it was great! Really added to the atmosphere of the session. Fantastic stuff :slightly_smiling_face:

I haven’t received a response from the maker, and I haven’t been able to get myself a copy of the module yet. I do plan on making a soundset for it I am just busy with other items at the moment and haven’t been able to work on soundsets recently.

Short and sweet: No there isn’t a Haunt 2 soundset yet, yes I do want to make one, I just don’t have any free time right now so I’m not sure when I will be able to get to it.

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That’s cool :slight_smile: I’m probably going to wing something for the game when it comes around. It was just cool to see the creator of the first soundset on here and wanted say that we appreciated and liked your work on The Haunt 1 :grin:

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Hi all! I’m not able to find this soundset…is it still available? I have searched trought both Campaign and Master Console.