New Online Player

Hi there!
I have an issue with the new online web player. I dont have sound when I try to use something from the searchbar. for example I m trying to look for a clock chime that chimes only one time. but everything I wanna try out i without sound.
Before you ask: sound works perfectly and if I use you download player I can hear the sound. but there is no search function for a particular sound or at least I didn t find it yet.

Any idea what I m doing wrong?

Ben has addressed this in another post, here is a link to that, which answers the question; Can't hear samples played from the library browser

Just updating this thread for @mic.september in case they are not following the other thread. Playing individual Samples from search should now work in the new Master Interface with Web Player!

For more details, see: [Master Interface/Web Player] Hearing Samples from Search and Element Playlist