New free bundled SoundSet in the Fantasy Player


Very excited about this SoundSet. Some of my finest work I think.

Check it out:

Check out some fascinating insights into its creation here:


Having the stuffed toy diaosaur sort of spoils it though… :stuck_out_tongue:


Not to mention the “Laser Guns” sound.

I’ll assume, for the sake of all of our sanity, that its an All Fools’ Day effort - no?

(If so, I much preffered your “Ninja” Soundset - why don’t you bring it back?)


This is a glorious addition to the Syrinscape lineup! I mean, never have laser sounds been so like the ones I can make! And the wonderful music, so delightfully freestyle! :smiley:


Thank you @HECook I think I can say without a doubt that this is some of Ben’s finest work and certainly one of our most authentic soundsets. Never has a Jungle Planet Dinolaser sounded so real!