New device won't bless


I installed the fantasy player on a new device, added it to my “blessed” list (after removing some old devices), but the player won’t recognize that it’s now authorized.


Hi @matt.reynolds8000

Have a go now? Working?

@sonofconan I’ve sent through a snip of Matt’s account before i reset it, to help us work out what was amiss here. :bug::eyes:


Looks like it’s working now. Thanks!


Hey there,
I have the same problem on my new device as well. What is the solution to get it running? Hope for help.



@d_petri Is this still a problem? I’ve just checked your account, and it the two devices you accessed today appear to be blessed and have full access to all your content.


I checked the app today and everything is just working out fine. The Fantasy Player works as good as never before. Needed probably just a little time to actualize the blessed status. But Im currently not DMing so I can relax. Thank you for helping me.