New Death Sounds?


I am a new Syrinscape (Fantasy) purchaser. I am going to use it while GMing in Fantasy Grounds. I have played some in others games that use Syrinscape and knew I had to get it when I GM.

My question is, is there another death sound available? The only one I have heard playing FG is the one that sounds like a man yawning then falling to the ground. Perfect if you kill someone with narcolepsy. Is there an updated death sound or another option than the one I have heard?

I have not even found this sound in the Syrinscape Fantasy soundsets that I have. If this question has already been answered, I apologize. I haven’t read all of the forums.

Thank you for your time and your great product.


There are a few! How about the Wilhelm scream universal one-shot? Or Eye of Avarice’s Karzoug’s Death Cry? Cyborg Dragon in the Sci-Fi player has an element called “death screams” which has some great ones, as does Government Facility’s “screams of death”. If you need to kill an android, Evil Android in the Sci-Fi player has a one-shot called “Nooooo” which is… as advertised. Cultists has a lot of tortured screams in several of its elements, which could work as well.

I hope that helps!


Hey lokomotivbreath. Couple things. If you own the fantasy grounds chatsound module from Rob2e, I collaborated with him on that. The “yawning” sound is the “sleep” spell from the Wizard Spells (Ezren) sound pack in syrinscape. The sound is triggered from the word “unconscious” in chat. Two chatsounds are mapped to the word “unconscious”, Astral Projection and Sleep. If you open both of those sounds in the chatsound module you can change or update those triggers.

One that I now use is the one-shot “dah-dah-dum”… A bit dramatic. Rob and I have plans to update some of the sounds that trigger now that we have a year or so under our belt in using the module.

Hope this helps.


Maybe we need some real gruesome gasp+collapse sounds…

Anyone volunteering!? :hocho: