New adventure path subscriber - got unpurchased sounds



I’m a new adventure path subscriber since yesterday July the first.
I’m downloading all the available sounds as I’m writing this and I’m looking forward in using it at my games.

However, the 3 newest monster sounds are still unavailable for me while they do stand in tha available sounds on the website. The soundpack WGW is available.

Thanks for your help!


Hmmm… mysterious.

Anyone else experiencing this.

I’ll take a look at yoyou r account.

There’s also a chance a restart might fix. Try?


I’ve hit reload a couple of times if thats what you ment.
I’ve done that before when I wasn’t a subscriber and bought new sounds and then it was availaible. But not now for these 3.


Just watched on my phone and there it was available
I’ll try to get on my pc tonight to check it on there but now I got to run to work


The sounds are all available now. Thank you!


Awesome! Thanks for letting us know :grin: