Never had this circus


I’ve never had this. I even tried to play by the rules and went 10 minutes playing with a discobot to learn forums. At one point during this circus I found what I needed and will report this to support.
I didn’t receive an email. That should be part of the registering package to continue, because when it is thrown at me when I am trying to buy something, that makes me angry that I have to do some email tricks to give you my money. Why do you care what my email is at that point when I have my own credit card information. Verfications of emails should be done at registering. (then when I get here, I am asked to do forum training to post and spend my time doing a bot in the corner.)
ANd on top of this, it says I have to have 15 characters in my subject line.


Verifying an email address for a user is standard practice and a requirement under several countries laws when we hold people’s personal information, which Syrinscape has to do in order for your account to be able to sync across your devices. Sadly the number of spammers out their means we have to take steps to make sure that when we hold peoples details it really is theirs to give.

If you are having problems registering/verifying your account drop us an email at support so we can look into it for you properly, that’s not something we can do from here on the forum.