Need suggestions for WFRP soundscape


Greetings all,

this is my first post and hopefully i am in the right category here.
After a long break i am GMing the Warhammer Fantasy RPG again and for the first time in my GM career i want to use syrinscape to its fullest…

Problem is: i am pretty new to syrinscape itself and kinda overwhelmed by the huge amount of possible choices so i would love your help in finding the right soundsets for my adventure

We will be starting with the “The Mad Men of Gotheim” Adventure for WFRP 4e and i would like to find sounds for the following scenes (i try not to spoiler anything but if you are a WFRP Player and might play this adventure in the forseable future you might want to stop reading)

Scene 1:
Early Morning, empty Road by foot, attack by and likely battle with raving lunatics (normal humans turned mad and berserk by … something)

Scene 2 and in between future scenes:
Entering a small town/big village which was attacked recently, no survivors in sight, damaged Buildings

Now it gets a bit sandboxy:
The Group searches different locations and encounters villager driven mad by what attacked them, most can be talked with, the locations are:
An (almost) empty Pub with a suicidal Barkeeper and his wife

A forge with a blazing fire in the furnace and a manic blacksmith and some survivors

A barbershop and surgery:
empty but full of drugs and sharp objects

A tempel of Sigmar:
playing children, strangely ignorant of the circumstances and a mad barber-surgeon trying to use the children as monster bait

A lake and a levee:
a bit outside of the village, with to mad villager trying to destroy the levee to destroy the village

Final Scene;
Inside an old cool house/cave, fight against a giant monster (think chimera or wyvern like)

I already found some soundsets i wan to use ( music - travel and wagon journey for the road, witchwoods, DH cellar complex) but as mentioned above i am overwhelmed…

Thank you for your help


Early morning attack by lunatics - Try Elven Vale Day or Farmland for the early morning. For the attack, I’d suggest Following the Clues, specifically Ghoul Attack mood, or use Abandoned Lunatic Asylum for their various psycho screams and psycho laughs and use various grunts, growls, and weapon sounds from either Bugbear Battle or Tavern Brawl.

Recently Attacked Village - Angel in the Tower has some creaking structures, while Red Dragon City Raid (Aftermath mood) has some faint fires with faint sounds of distant people, along with some lonely wind.

Empty Pub - Seedy Tavern would be your set there, along with the possibly psycho screams from Abandoned Lunatic Asylum if needed

Blazing Forge - There is a Blacksmith set, or there is a set called Glassworks, both with good forge fires, Blacksmith with the added bonus of tool sounds

Barbershop and surgery - Mad Scientist’s Laboratory would be your best bet. Another thing to add might be, from the Sci-Fi Player, Alien Laboratory. It has some elements called “tools of the trade” and “lab peripherals” that have sounds of tools and whatnot.

Temple of Sigmar - Use Haunted Fortunes, which has elements of “children playing”, “children in the streets”, and “child laughter”. You can then use Down Comes Rain or Attack on Sandpoint, which has various kinds of children screaming.

Lake and a levee - Definitely you want the set Down Comes Rain, because in that set that is precisely what is going on, some orcs are trying to bring down a damn (though it’s mostly water/destruction sounds).

Final Scene - You can use something like Dungeon Depths or Misgivings House for the ambiance, and then Gnomeland Security has the various sounds for a chimera!

I hope that helps! Let me know if you need anything further!


Thank you very much, this really helps alot!
It is getting late here so i will dive into this tomorrow after work and will try building my first campaign.