Need suggestions for 2 The Kings Curse

I am preparing to run my kids through Trail of the Apprentice part 2, The Kings Curse. I have found soundsets that work well for all fights in part 2 except I am struggling finding something for a Thug battle in an alleyway and a battle with thieves in a thieves guild safehouse.

Anyone have any good suggestions for muggers and thieves in a city?

The second part of the safehouse has a gargoyle and I found a good one that seems to fit the mood there but I am struggling with city fights.

Try Brigand’s Corridor, for one. I’m away from my laptop where I’m better organized, so I’ll find more for you later!


Also try Alley, from Dragon Heist. The “Ambushers” and “Safe House Battle” moods may have some interest. Mausoleum, also from Dragon Heist, has an ambush as well. The Yawning Portal set from Dragon Heist, as well as Tavern Brawl, might be of use. Let me know if these help or if you’re looking for something different! :slight_smile:


Pathfinder Eels End from Crimson Throne could also be a good bet.


Thank you so much for your suggestions. I really appreciate it HECook and new_vision.

I am just not that familiar with everything so I rely heavily on searching for names and couldn’t get a good hit with thugs bandits and thieves.

No problem, that’s why we are here and you can ask. The amount of soundsets can be daunting at times but @HECook knows everything, so she is an excellent source of information. :slightly_smiling_face: