Need mood music or ambience for a murder mystery

What are the best music/moods for a muder mystery. My party is about to come across a dead body in the road and I need something suitable to set the mood. Later, they’re going to come into a keep in which all the soldiers have been murdered by their insane commander, before he succumbed to his own wounds. Now he haunts the keep. So I need something suitable eerie/ghostly — oh, and Zombies! — but also a suspenseful murder-mystery recurring theme.

Ok, there’s a couple. Wild Beyond the Witchlight 3, Arrival in Thither & Encounters has music called “tense PHG music”, which is one good selection. From Witchwood, “a nervous wait”. The Trollskull Manor set (from Dragon Heist) has three possible music choices - “mission music - suspenseful”, “mission music - investigative”, and “mission music - dark”. Curse of the Crimson Throne’s third chapter, Escape from Old Korvosa, specifically The Dying City has an element called “dark future” that is a good one too. That set also has an element called “windy inside”. Combine that with the “abandoned presence” and “disturbing wind” elements (from Hell’s Bright Shadow, Redact and Revenge), along with some “rat scratches (occasional)” from Giant Rat Battle, would help for the abandoned keep.

I hope this helps! :slight_smile: