Need Monastary Praying chanting

Im in need of a big cathedral prayer chamber with priests chanting in some sort of Latin with dark music of the gods. is there one like that? I did download the Priests of “something” but all the say in english is Pray to the God of “Something” and there is no music.

Ah, the Temple of Razmir! Yeah, not quite what you’re looking for, as they’re a bunch of con artists.

I’d search for “Avernus low choir” and “Avernus high choir” (which are elements in several of the Descent into Avernus campaign). Also there are a number of “chanting” elements that can be used, though some are more creepy than others:

Into the Mists: Death House has a “close chanting” and “distant chanting”, which played soft enough could provide some background bits.
Bell Monk Temple has a variety of wordless chanting, along with bells, which provides a nice temple atmostphere.
Temple of the Jade Dragon also has various chantings, but with an Asian flair, which may not be the mood you’re looking for.
Yester Hill has “chanting of druids” element.
and Cultists in the sci-fi player has a lot of chanting as well.

Village of Barovia II has a mood called “Church Hall Without Screams” which is a good basic church with a distant choir that may be of use to you.

I hope this helps!

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Thanks, I am trying to follow the YouTube video’s how to do all this. I criticized the steep un-intuitive learning curve a few years ago and it seems there has been no improvement. I still cannot find instructions how to create a Campaign.

Okay, go to the Syrinscape webpage, and make sure you’re logged in. On the top toolbar you will see one labeled “My Campaigns”. You can then create a new campaign and select what sets you want in that campaign, then name it. Now you have a campaign!

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Don’t forget the “Temple of the healing hand”.

@stylinlp38 Don’t hesitate to ask questions here, we are keen to help with that learning curve!