Need help with a unique instrument


One of my characters is playing an inventor that created a new type of instrument.Its got multiple “mirrors” that when light hits it, plays a sound. (see picture below) I want to have music for it but cant seem to find a unique stringed instrument or music with just that instrument. I did look at a thurman but was wondering if anyone else had some ideas for unique sounds this could make. Thanks for the help.



When I see that picture, I think of those crystal glasses filled with water. You know, the kind you play by wetting the rims and circling them? That’s the sound I think that instrument would make.

In Fantasy Player, the Chords element in In the Lair of the Siren is almost exactly the sounds I’m thinking of.

Also, Sci-Fi players Alien world, the element Atmosphere 1 or Atmosphere 4 sort of sound like that picture looks. Or maybe Atlantis’ Music of Atlantis element? Nebula’s Celestial Clouds element? Or any of several of the Preserver Artifact elements? Artifact of Beauty or Artifact of Life element?


I was kinda thinking that too. Or like droplets hitting a pan or something.