Need Apple iOS Info

What is the latest iOS supported by your app? I have an old iPad that I want to use for my gaming sound effects, but it has a limit on how much I can update it.

The App Store would tell you if its supported or not? Just try downloading it from there and it will give a prompt if your iOS version is not supported.

I already have it installed on the iPad, but can no longer hear any audio. I can hear audio from other apps, so I’m wanting to find out if the problem is an outdated app that can no longer access the soundtracks.

@jhunton the latest version requires iOS 11. Earlier versions required iOS 8. There appears to be a bug in the latest release that is causing no sound for some users on some devices. We are trying to track it down now.

Can you tell me, did the current version ever work, and then one day no sound? Or did it not work as soon as you installed it? Also, which model (name/number, found in Settings > General > About) of iPad are you using? I’ll try the current release in the iOS simulator.

In the meantime, could you try on a different device (e.g. mobile phone or computer), and report back if you still have the same, slightly different, or completely different behaviour (e.g. only some soundsets don’t work)?

  • The current version worked fine on the iPad previously, now none of the soundsets work
  • I can play all soundsets just fine on my iPhone with the app
  • Model: iPad mini 2, MF080LL/A
  • iOS version: 12.4

I do have one iOS update available (to 12.4.8), if that might make a difference.

Is there any update available on this issue?


Sorry I missed posting an update in this thread. This issue should be fixed in the latest version, 1.4.8-p2, available now for download at and in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Let me know if you are still having a problem.

I am still having a problem with this. If I get a new device (particularly if I get an Android device instead of an Apple one), can I get my purchases transferred?

@jhunton purchases are linked to your account, not the device on which you have installed them. The only possible exception is iOS and Android “in-app” purchases (which we removed a while ago) which may be linked to your Apple or Google account.

But can you tell me a bit more about the problem? If your iPad is running iOS 11 or higher, the latest apps should work. And you should also still be able to install and use the older apps on iOS 10 and below.

In version 1.4.7-p5 (the first version that required iOS 11) there was a bug where samples would not play for users whose locale was set to use , (comma) instead of . (period) as the decimal separator. For example, some European countries.

That should be fixed in 1.4.8-p2. But you could also try going to Settings > General > Language & Region. Let me know what region is selected, and take a look at the region format example. Does it say $1,234.56 or 1.234,56 €?