Need a way to sync Custom Moods or Link Windows App with Online Player


I was only able to find one topic on this and the thread was locked. I recently subscribed to this platform because I am a GM and it initially made sense to have an app that could cache HQ audio loops on my players devices, so that I could build a higher quality and more immersive online experience with my D&D roll-playing campaigns.

So my first impression after spending hours creating an AWESOME custom moods play-set for this Sunday’s upcoming campaign was one of great joy! The ramping sounds of a pending conflict are perfect, and I thought this will be great! But then when I went to figure out how to share these with my players, reality set in.

When I discovered that I would have to recreate that mood set all over again in this horrible web player that is no where near as user friendly or interactive as the Windows application, I am going to say that this tool is not usable for me and my players. When I experienced what my players would have to go through to set up their systems to be “minions” of mine, I was even more disappointed.

If you cannot resolve these issues and make player joining a simple click of the button, like most other conferencing systems… If you cannot create a way to sync custom settings with the online player, or better yet, allow GM’s to control the feed from the desktop application, then these tools are not for me.


The Syrinscape (genre) apps and Syrinscape Online are two different tools built to be used for the different ways that we game.

The Genre Players are designed for offline play (although they can be used with programs like discord for online games) Any custom moods that you build in them are stored directly to your devices cache memory. As the App is offline you can not sync Custom moods, they are there so that you can save the state of Syrinscape between games or during game prep. This makes the app ideal for people who play at the table or don’t have an internet signal where they play.

The Online Player and its in-built Creator were designed for online gaming and for proper customisation of soundsets, including syncing, uploading your own samples and setting all of the variables such as timings, location, distance etc that go into a sound set.The UI of the Online play needs to be different because it gives you a lot more control over the settings, which is essential when building soundsets.

Setting up Minions should be a short 3 step process and once you have done it once getting players to join your future games should be quick and easy. Have you watched the tutorial videos that walk you through the steps?

This one explains how to set up the Online Player;
And this one walks you through the troubleshooting steps if a Player is struggling to connect;

Syrinscape Online is a powerful tool and can seem quite daunting at first with all of its options, but once you are familiar with it it is a quick and easy program to use


While those other items do sound interesting, and maybe I will try and give them a chance some day if I have time to learn them, I was able to solve my major problem and found a way to simply stream the audio from my desktop from the Windows Application. I just connected my output audio through and my players can easily join the audio conference, with free HQ conference audio, from there.

I do have to commend you guys for adding the 3rd Party Integration URI links to the loops in the windows player. That works AMAZING! For the first time I was able to write the roll playing scripts of my planned encounters (I am not calling them ACTS) in Open Office Writer and add the links in there, so that I am able to trigger the scenes (loops) and trigger-able sounds that I want in-line with the written play script. I just read the script on my monitor like a TelePrompter, and click on the URI links as they are needed. It works AWESOME!

Note: I really think you should consider integrating the Windows Player to work hand in hand with your web player for folks that want ease of use. I also think it would be beneficial to you to offer web browser based slave that is as easy to join as for minions, but without the conferencing functionality. Just let it pipe the audio through their web browser. The browser audio from stream work on iOS and Android in the background too.

Thanks, I am satisfied for now.